Advent Calendar

Welcome to our Advent Calendar! Every day you’ll find here a new FREE printable activity for kids different age: mazes, word puzzles, handwriting practice, maths, colouring and more.

You don’t need to know the story about Kevin to have fun with the activities, but if you’d like to read the book visit our bookshop!

Printable activities for kids

Day 1

Add the numbers and colour the circles.

Day 2

Cut out the letters and paste them to make the words – colour names.

Day 3

Show Splat the way to Wally
through the number maze
starting with number 1, 2, 3, 4…
and finishing with 37

Day 4

What time is it?
Draw the hands to match the time.

Day 5

Copy the pattern.

Day 6

What is the correct answer?

Day 7

Trace the number 1, write the number 1,
and colour all number 1.

Day 8

Words related to Australia and our book about Kevin are hiding among letters. Find them!

Day 9

Australia starts with a letter A. Trace the letter with your pen and then write it.

Day 10

Trace the dotted lines with your pen
and draw the shapes.

Day 11

Colour the geometric shapes.
Can you name them?

Day 12

Colin would like to sit on the branch of his favourite gum tree but he can’t find it. Can you show Colin the way to the gum tree?

Day 13

Kangaroo starts with a letter K. Trace the letter with your pen and then write it.

Day 14

What time is it?
Match the clock with the correct time.

Day 15

Colin is sitting on the gum tree and waiting for Kevin. Can you find 10 differences between these 2 pictures?

Day 16

Trace the grey line with your pen
and then draw it.

Day 17

Colin is teaching Kevin how to count to 100,
but he forgot some numbers.
Can you fill in the missing numbers?

Day 18

Find the animal friends from the Australian bush and count them.

Day 19

Parts of the picture with laughing Colin are missing. Cut out the rectangles and place them in the correct places. Then stick them down and colour the picture.

Day 20

Tick the correct positions of kangaroos.

Day 21

Count the animals, write the number in the box, cut out the words and match them with numbers.

Day 22

Colour the correct number of circles.

Day 23

Colin the Kookaburra (who laughs a lot!) decided to visit Kevin to play with him. Can you help Colin to find a way to Kevin?

Day 24

Find the numbers and colour them.