Alistair McGowan and Kevin

Alistair McGowan, the well known British comedian, TV presenter, entertainer and narrator in this video, is a very civic-minded individual who, whenever possible, helps out others in whatever ways he can.

As a result Alistair decided to read a book on behalf of The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, London, to help support their ‘Brain Charity – Story Time  Appeal’, which is aiming to boost donations for its NHS Staff Emergency Fund.

​He opted for “Kevin…” simply because he really likes the book, having previously been given a copy by the author some years ago.

Watch a fragment of the video with Alistair McGowan reading "Kevin the Kangaroo that couldn't hop"

If you liked the beginning of the story and would like to find out who our Kevin is and how the story ends: