Printable activities for kids - Read with Kevin

What would you say to having a little fun while reading and keep the boredom away?

You can download here printable book activities in PDF – reading logs or character’s studies.

 Your children can fill them out with titles of read books and also rate them by colouring the stars. Or maybe they could do a little competition who will read more books in a month or during holidays?

If you like the characters from the printable activities why not to learn what the book is about..?

Printable activities for kids

How many books your child have read in the last month? Or maybe you have read them together? This would be a great fun to record all the titles, review and rate them by colouring stars.

The better the book the more stars it would get!

So what was your child’s favourite book this month..?


This character’s study is for children who read our book “Kevin the kangaroo that couldn’t hop”. They can fill it out and write about their favourite character.

Who is going to be? Kevin, Wally, Splat, Joey, Colin or maybe Mr Crocodile..?


What book have your child read recently? This could be a fun way to discuss and analyze it, think about the characters from the book and describe them. There is even a place to draw a picture!