Jonathan Elabor and Jim Tsinganos, two very talented individuals,  are the authors of “Kevin the kangaroo that couldn’t hop”.

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Children's book about wombat Kevin

Jonathan Elabor


Jonathan Elabor is new to the world of writing and authorship;

A physiotherapist by profession, he chanced upon the idea for this story whilst working at a clinic in Outback NSW.

Jonathan was educated in the UK, undertaking schooling in the Cotswold town of Evesham and studying for degrees at London & Manchester Universities.

He subsequently spent a prolonged period travelling the World, interspersing competing in international ski racing competitions with working in a variety of different occupations, including Outdoor Education and Childcare, before settling in Sydney, Australia where he lived for many years before returning for a short period to the UK. He now divides his time between the two countries.

Jim Tsinganos


Jim Tsinganos has been illustrating for more than 20 years since graduating from the South Australian College of Arts and Education Underdale campus in 1986.

Throughout his career he has illustrated numerous children’s books, worked for most of the major publishers and newspaper houses in Australia and has had two working stints in Europe.

With a client list that includes both multinational companies and humanitarian organisations from around the world, he is also the recipient of countless awards and has been featured in most of the leading international illustration publications on a number of occasions.

He is represented in the both the USA and the UK and works out of a studio in Surry Hills that he shares with other talented illustrators and creatives.

He lives and swims with his wife and family in Bundeena NSW.

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What our readers say:

"This is very interesting and educational story about the little kangaroo called Kevin. It’s an innovative form of children’s book that combines interesting artwork and educational materials. We greatly enjoyed the second book in the set, which turned out to be a colouring book with English text.
My daughter started colouring quickly and the most exotic, unknown animals drew her attention, while I was reading to her the English version of the book. Olivia was happy to learn the new names of animals and plants. It was even more fun that I also learnt some new English words. Another surprise was the crossword – it was fun for another afternoon.
This unique set of books occupies the central spot in my daughter's library because we spent a few days enjoying the books - first reading, then colouring and solving the crossword, then learning English, and at the end drawing the characters from the story. We both know Kevin’s story now and have learnt a lot of new English words. I heartily recommend this form of education where you can combine fun and learning."