Meet the characters! They all are living and playing together in the Australian bushland.

Also, they are a part of our  printable activities and are bringing even more fun to kids!


Joey the kangaroo

Joey is the leader.

He’s the oldest and brightest of the four. He’s the one that has most of the ideas for the games to play.


Wally the kangaroo

Wally is the dopey one.

He’s the second oldest but the most silly.



Splat the kangaroo

Splat is the clumsiest one.

He’s always tripping over his feet or tail and has bounced off a few cars in his time.


Kevin the kangaroo

Kevin is the youngest.

He’s the slowest of all and the most naive, but also the most thoughtful.




Colin the kookaburra

Colin is very wise for his age, like a big laughing owl in disguise: He’s a a very quick learner and spends most of his time sitting in the Gumtree by the billabong, watching the World go by whilst keeping a protective eye on Kevin, Joey, Wally & Splat.

Mr Crocodile

Mr Crocodile ‘owns’ the billabong and only has one  thing on his mind, …trying to eat every and any animal that comes down to the water.

He actually quite likes Kevin and his friends, bit still wants to eat them and spends most of his day trying to plan ways to trick them into the water.