Children’s book about a kangaroo that couldn’t hop named Kevin, by a Black author, about diversity and acceptance.

Originally published in Australia, then in Poland, now limited copies are available for children in the UK.

Kevin lives in the Australian bushland, with his other creature friends. They run, romp and love to play. But Kevin the Kangaroo has a problem, he can’t hop and that upsets him; so off he goes to visit his mate Colin and see if they can sort out his trouble.

Follow Kevin through his short outback adventure and journey of self discovery, full of ups and downs and beautiful illustrations, with a few mini life-lessons to boot.

Recommended book for kids from 2 to 8 years old.

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Kevin the kangaroo that couldn't hop

Written by Jonathan Elabor & illustrated by Jim Tsinganos

Alistair MacGowan, well known British comedian, TV presenter and entertainer decided to read our book to support “Brain Charity – Story Time Appeal”.

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Kevin kangurek który nie potrafił skakać

Written by Jonathan Elabor & illustrated by Jim Tsinganos

Billingual English-Polish version of the book

It is a set of two books – for reading and colouring, there are also some interesting facts about Australian fauna and flora, and a crossword.

Pure joy for the youngest, the young and those a bit older readers, especially in bilingual (Polish-English) families. But also those who speak only Polish at home can greatly benefit from the the Little Roo’s story – isn’t it  much easier to learn English, while you follow the adventures of some funny Australian friends? What’s more, the book about Kevin may be a good occasion to discuss the matters of friendship and acceptance.

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What our readers say:

"Very nice and original book. I’ve bought it for my children aged 4 and 7 and they are delighted. Beautiful and educational, perfect for a bedtime story. I really like the artwork, which is not flashy as in most children's books, and it hushes the child.
The next day they gladly coloured the black and white illustrations. My daughter learns English at school and she decided to start reading the English version by helping herself with the Polish one.
I recommend the book and I think it would be a nice gift for children of all ages."